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Sherri Hill Offers Two New Maxi Dresses with a Cocktail

Two new maxi dresses and one short, cocktail dress are all the rage this Spring at Sherri Hill. Maxi skirt dresses in particular are becoming very popular as their provide loads of colors (when done in floral print) and they command respect at any dance or public function. A woman wearing a maxi dress is a woman to be taken seriously.

Sherri Hill Offers Two New Maxi Dresses with a Cocktail
Sherri Hill 50783

Taking magical promenades has been made more breathtaking in fascinating, vividly stimulating floral prints in prominent colors with the Sherri Hill 50783 two-piece dress. This ensemble has a turtle-neck crop-top with a matching A-line floral full-length maxi skirt. The bold and captivating prints run all the way down, separated by horizontal borders to show the differentiated floral designs. Twirling around in your date’s arms in this number will make for an amazing umbrella look with the generous fabric held together in wide gathers that spread out towards the bottom. Any nature adoring girl will blend in at a garden party in this captivating dress and be the light at the party.

Sherri Hill Offers Two New Maxi Dresses with a Cocktail
Sherri Hill 50796

The strapless Sherri Hill 50796 comes in a similar print and fabric as the previous dress, but is more suited for a formal outdoor ball or cocktail event. This short dress has an A-line skirt falling around the knees allowing swift change from leg warmers to strappy heels. The strapless, sweetheart bodice joins the waistline in small evenly distributed pleats forming a wrap-around design that differentiates the bodice prints from the skirt ones. This dress suits a petite as well as a full figure, giving a slimming effect with the fitting bodice and accommodating skirt.

Sherri Hill Offers Two New Maxi Dresses with a Cocktail
Sherri Hill 50931

Consider the Sherri Hill 50931 in a white chiffon, full-length skirt and a beaded floral bodice dress. This dress has a lacy halter top held together in place with a delicate string neck fastening that brings the front and back together, tying the whole piece up with a zipper. The designer has in mind the emergence of purity and innocence of a prom going girl and the purity that comes with spring. The brilliantly white skirt starts in small gathers at the waist and falls to create generous cascades that are sure to make any lady donning this piece to gracefully glide into any event.

This enchanting collection of brilliantly thought out designs that are equally fun and bewitching is exactly what we need after a dull winter season indoors. Stepping out and witnessing such fabulous designs adorned sill sure make spring worth looking forward to.

Jovani Chiffon Prom Dresses for Elegance

We are at the beginning of the 2017 prom season, so it is appropriate to highlight some of the more beautiful selections offered by the world’s designers. Today, we will feature Jovani chiffon prom dresses for Spring 2017.

To be perfectly dressed for any occasion, so that you appear effortlessly stunning, can be as easy as purchasing one of Jovani’s silky chiffon dresses. Similar to Jovani’s other elegant creations, the chiffon fabric gives any silhouette a graceful and cultured appearance. Paired with the artistic visionary that the house of Jovani possesses, coming up with inspired and expressive designs that flatter any figure if not difficult for this world-class dress designer. They know how to make the best qualities of chiffon comes as naturally and effortlessly as gliding through in an awed crowd in the most expensive prom dress.

Jovani 46676 prom dress

jovani chiffon prom dressConsider the Jovani 46676 faux two-piece prom dress that comes in several hues and sizes. The bodice is a modish halter top brandished with monochromatic metallic beadwork that matches that of the skirt’s waistband. The slim-strapped bodice is craftily joined to the matching full-length chiffon skirt with a sheer fabric giving the illusion of a detached outfit, with the straps lustrously sliding down the back, forming a low-cut illusion bandeau back. This dress is simple and interesting, making it one of the best choice when called up for an event on a short notice.

Jovani 47848 two-piece prom dress

jovani chiffon prom dressDrifting along swiftly with the two-piece chiffon gown theme gives rise to the authentic Jovani 47848 two-piece prom dress that also comes in different shades and sizes to fit all tastes and figures. This simply assembled dress with a jewel neckline has a bead embellished sleeveless crop-top with well-arranged beading that adorn both the front and cut-out back. Full-length layered chiffon skirt flows down softly from a beaded waistline, giving full volume to the A-line form.

Jovani 48795 strapless prom dress

jovani chiffon prom dressesObvious creativity is evident in how Jovani puts together his ideas and adds excitement by devoting passionate elements to his designs, such as the thigh-high slit in the Jovani 48795 strapless prom dress. This strapless chiffon gown features a sensual sweetheart neckline and a knotted top that tapers to the set-in, almost concealed, waistband. It is form-fitting and has a sunburst-ruched chiffon bodice that meets the full-length skirt, swooping down gracefully to a court train. This dress allows for a show of leg, shoulders and arms, creating a classic look that never goes out of style.

Jovani 48797 halter neck prom dress

jovani chiffon prom dressesA high school dance that is sophisticated and classy needs an equal measure of pomp and elegance. The Jovani 48797 halter neck dress is one such idea that exudes maturity while also allowing room for appeal and diverse pleasure (while looking effortlessly gorgeous). This gown features a deep, plunging halter neckline that joins to the ruched waistline, creating the appearance of a Greek goddess.  The halter neck goes on to form a sexy open back. Designed in chiffon, this A-line gown cascades to form a sweep train in a richly flared slit skirt.

If you are not yet convinced that picking chiffon is a great idea, owing to its lightweight qualities and smooth feel, Jovani has done an even greater job in creating wondrous gowns that allow anyone to feel like they are floating on a runway, making the decision to go with a Jovani chiffon dress even easier.

Jovani 90418 – Designed For An Extraordinary Girl

Why Jovani 90418 prom dress?  Prom season has begun, and one can never deny the thrill and excitement it stirs among high school teens. You and your friends have probably been talking about it since the beginning of the school year. In fact, ever since you started high school, you might have been wondering what a prom night is and why it’s such a big deal. Now is your chance to appease that curiosity and mark another memorable event in your life.

But before you get caught up into that frenzied state, it’s good to learn some techniques to help you prepare for that special night. First of all, start looking for your dress as early as you can. There’s no sense waiting for the last minute to decide on what you’re going to wear, as this will surely dwindle your self-confidence, which is the last thing you’d probably want to happen.

With the onslaught of prom dresses in the market today, finding the right prom dress can be a bit overwhelming. Hence, it’s best to get your dress from a trusted brand such as Jovani Fashions. Whether or not you’re aiming for a dress that can be worn in other formal events in the future, Jovani has hundreds of style options that will surely appeal to your sense of style.
Jovani 90418 prom dress
If you’re aiming for a one-of-a-kind look on your prom night, then you might be looking for something like the Jovani 90418 lace dress. This Bohemian-inspired gown hugs the body like a glove, and then flares to floor-length with a sweep train. It has a nude lining that provides a striking base for the beaded lace appliques stretched all over its entirety.

Jovani 90418

What makes it exceptional though are the fringe details, set on stringed beadwork that runs asymmetrically from the bodice to the skirt. As a finishing touch, patches of illusion fabric are laid on the plunging neckline, lower back and hip. The scoop back is lined with fringe embellishment, which hangs toward the side-to-back illusion cutout.

Most evening dresses project a smooth silhouette, but the Jovani 90418 sleeveless dress defies tradition with its multi-textured exterior and irregularly shaped faux cutouts. Unique yet elegant, this lace prom dress certainly reflects the jovial yet sensual character of its wearer.


To emphasize its delightfully skewed neckline, forgo the necklace and don on a pair of chandelier earrings. Wrap up the look with high-heeled pumps, a clutch and a statement bangle, and then you’re all set for one of the best nights in your life.