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Sherri Hill Offers Two New Maxi Dresses with a Cocktail

Two new maxi dresses and one short, cocktail dress are all the rage this Spring at Sherri Hill. Maxi skirt dresses in particular are becoming very popular as their provide loads of colors (when done in floral print) and they command respect at any dance or public function. A woman wearing a maxi dress is a woman to be taken seriously.

Sherri Hill Offers Two New Maxi Dresses with a Cocktail
Sherri Hill 50783

Taking magical promenades has been made more breathtaking in fascinating, vividly stimulating floral prints in prominent colors with the Sherri Hill 50783 two-piece dress. This ensemble has a turtle-neck crop-top with a matching A-line floral full-length maxi skirt. The bold and captivating prints run all the way down, separated by horizontal borders to show the differentiated floral designs. Twirling around in your date’s arms in this number will make for an amazing umbrella look with the generous fabric held together in wide gathers that spread out towards the bottom. Any nature adoring girl will blend in at a garden party in this captivating dress and be the light at the party.

Sherri Hill Offers Two New Maxi Dresses with a Cocktail
Sherri Hill 50796

The strapless Sherri Hill 50796 comes in a similar print and fabric as the previous dress, but is more suited for a formal outdoor ball or cocktail event. This short dress has an A-line skirt falling around the knees allowing swift change from leg warmers to strappy heels. The strapless, sweetheart bodice joins the waistline in small evenly distributed pleats forming a wrap-around design that differentiates the bodice prints from the skirt ones. This dress suits a petite as well as a full figure, giving a slimming effect with the fitting bodice and accommodating skirt.

Sherri Hill Offers Two New Maxi Dresses with a Cocktail
Sherri Hill 50931

Consider the Sherri Hill 50931 in a white chiffon, full-length skirt and a beaded floral bodice dress. This dress has a lacy halter top held together in place with a delicate string neck fastening that brings the front and back together, tying the whole piece up with a zipper. The designer has in mind the emergence of purity and innocence of a prom going girl and the purity that comes with spring. The brilliantly white skirt starts in small gathers at the waist and falls to create generous cascades that are sure to make any lady donning this piece to gracefully glide into any event.

This enchanting collection of brilliantly thought out designs that are equally fun and bewitching is exactly what we need after a dull winter season indoors. Stepping out and witnessing such fabulous designs adorned sill sure make spring worth looking forward to.